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PhD: Segmentation of Motion Picture Images and Image Sequences

University of Edinburgh

Automatic matte generation of an actor from an arbitrary background for motion picture compositing, achieving bluescreen standard quality without the need for blue-screens. This required developing novel image processing and machine vision algorithms for high resolution images, working with multiple colour models, and implementing many existing techniques used in video processing on parallel networks of computers. The algorithm requires only rough garbage mattes and computes alpha values for pixels by comparing their colour to distributions of colours sampled from nearby areas of background and foreground. Download research papers

B.Eng (Hons) Computer Science and Electronics (1st class)

University of Edinburgh (third year: exchange year at University of California San Diego)

Fourth year topics including parallel computing, signal processing, computer graphics and data visualisation, involving the development and use of 3D rendering algorithms on multiple computing platforms.

1994: 4 A levels, 1 AS level

High Storrs School, Sheffield