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Employment / Freelance Contracts

SeeByte Ltd: VideoSteady: Realtime video Stabilisation software

July - Oct 2006
The system displays a stable version of an input video stream from a camera onboard a Remotely Operated Underwater Vehicle (ROVs). This is essential for performing inspection of objects from small ROVs, which are rarely stable underwater. The system operates using video analysis alone: no special hardware is required. Standard machine vision algorithms needed to be heavy optimisation to achieve real-time framerates and low lag on standard windows PCs.

More about VideoSteady

Lutess Ltd: SensoLit: Biomedical Data Analysis Package

March - Jule 2006: Lutess ltd
A Windows application that takes data from a medical luminometer, analysis the data profile and presents data in tables and graphs. The algorithms were previously developed by Lutess and I made them robust and re-implemented them in Visual C++. The package contains 3D Graphs which can be tumbled and re-lit by the user but allow saving as vector files.

Mimetics: human posture analysis project

June-October 2005
Development of an interactive installation. A stereo camera was used to recover posture of an observer to allow them control a marionette puppet rendered using a Games Engine. Project funded by NESTA

Ice robotics: Stereo camera driver

May-June 2005
Phase 1 of the above NESTA project, building a driver for Ice Robotics' low cost stereo camera. A module for the EyesWeb prototyping package controls the camera and provides the video feed from each camera. A further module performs the 3D depth recovery from points located in the images.

University of Edinburgh: Interactive demonstration of image processing algorithms

July 2005-June 2006 (part time)
An EPSRC Celebration of Excellence project developing tools to be used to demonstrate image processing techniques used to generate alpha channels including chromakey, background differencing and the segmentation algorithm developed during my PhD

The demonstration consists of interactive prsentation using off-line video using pre-recorded video. The presentation was developed in Adobe Flash format. Parts of the demonstration use live video, using OpenGL to render the video.

University of Edinburgh: Research Associate (Multimedia and Image Processing)

April 2003 - March 2005
Tracking objects with deformable templates, video segmentation, object removal and video compression and transcoding, including compression of video for DVD and DVB. Download publications

Optical Flow plugins for Shake

Feb-March 2003
In association with The Moving Picture Company, research and development of the use of optical flow in Motion Picture Post Production. The produced software is in use for creating slow-motion video sequences from standard speed video sequences and for recreating missing or damaged frames.

University of Edinburgh: Research Associate (model-based coding)

Aug 2002-Jan 2003
Six month post working on fitting of a 3D facial model to a head-and-shoulders image for very low bitrate model-based coding. The system automatically locates the eyes, nose and mouth positions in a video of a face and fits a generic 3D model. The system can also be used to adjust the facial expression or automatically morph between faces.

Starpool: Research and Development

Developing a system to obtain 3D structure information using multiple low resolution, low cost image sensors and structured light to help discover the 3D shape of objects. The system was designed to run in real--time in very low cost dedicated hardware connected to a domestic Windows PC