Free Shake Plugins

A sample library of simple Shake plugins I've written can be downloaded below. It contains the following:
HSVKey hue based difference keyer for tricky difference keying
Chirp Chirp chart generator for analysis of effects, cameras and monitors
Tubify projects images onto a 3D tunnel
Polka draws circles, squares or dots with sub-pixel precision
Stripe draws horizontal or vertical stripes for checking image alignment and distortion
GaussNoiseAdds random gaussian noise to an image to give it texture or to simulate low quality and night vision cameras


These plugins are free to use - feel free to pass them on to other people. You can modify them if you need to. However, you may not distribute modified versions without permission (unlike software released under the GPL) - I wrote these plugins to demonstrate my skills at writing them, not your skills at modifying them ;-)

Shameless plug

I'm really in the business of writing custom shake plugins and macros - get in touch with me ( to discuss what you might need.

These plugins are very simple, taking a few hours each to write, and don't really rely on complex image processing or computer graphics techniques. They are not the limit of what I can with Shake plugins!



Binary version

Source version