GaussNoise Plugin

The GaussNoise plugin adds Additive White Gaussian Noise (AWGN) to its input image.

Gaussian Noise looks like film grain but has different properties. Adding Gaussian Noise with very low variances can make a still image look like a static scene filmed with a movie camer and it can help to disguise CGI. Some video compression codecs will produce less problematic video if gaussian noise is added. Gaussian Noise accurately simulates digital cameras in low light cameras - to simulate a night vision scope, take monochrome video, shrink it down, boost the constrast, blur it, add Gaussian Noise, then scale it back up again.


Parameter Purpose
varianceThe average amount by which the pixels in an image will be altered - setting larger makes the image noisier, setting to zero leaves the image unaltered
seedThe random number generator seed. To make the noise change every frame, this number must change every frame. Two images of the same size with the same seed will have exactly the same noise pattern added

Future work

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