Polka Shake Plugin

The polka plugin draws circles or squares, in a grid or checkerboard pattern
These are useful standin images or textures for use before you have a final image ready. Unlike the standard checkerboard, the spacing can be changed with sub-pixel precision, allowing finer control of the texture.


Parameter Purpose
widthWidth of rendered image
heightHeight of rendered image
bytesbyte depth of output
modeSet to create grids or checkerboards. In "custom" mode altspotoffset is used to indent every other row
spot width/heightsize of each square/dot
corner radiusHow rounded the spots are. If its zero, they will be squares or rectangles. If its set to maximum value, they'll be circles
vert/horiz spacingThe separation of each spot
corkscrewMakes the tube twist as it goes into the distance
vert offsetShifts the image up and down
horiz offsetshifts the image left and right
alt horiz offsetif mode is custom, every other row is indented by this amount instead of horiz offset

Future work

These may appear at some point in the future - if you want them now, get in touch: pedro@peterhillman.org.uk