Tubify Shake Plugin

The tubify plugin draws an image of a tunnel with the input image as the tunnel walls
Used subtly with an indistinct input image such as cloud or smoke, tubify can create an impression of forward movement and depth. Multiple tubes can be rendered with different radii and comped together: use the over operator work from big to small radii.


Parameter Purpose
outWidthWidth of rendered image
outHeightHeight of rendered image - for best results make the image square
radiusRadius of tube
rotationAmount by which to rotate tube. Keyframe this to create a spinning tube
radialRepeatsThe number of times the input image appears around the diameter of the tube
colShiftHow far down the tube we are - keyframe this to make the camera fly down the tube
colScaleHow often the image repeats down the length of the tube
corkscrewMakes the tube twist as it goes into the distance
fogIf set, the tube will fade to black as it goes into the distance
fogfalloffHow far down the tube the fall-off due to fog appears to take effect: the smaller number the more fog there is

Future work

These may appear at some point in the future - if you want them now, get in touch: pedro@peterhillman.org.uk